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Our  Goal 
Provide a safe space for diverse educators in real estate to earn additional income by producing content that translates to actionable steps that anyone can follow.
  • Technology in real estate and planning – GIS, drone, data analysis...
  • Acquisition techniques and strategies – financing, crowdfunding, wholesaling...
  • Managing real estate – leases, refinancing, profitability...
  • Project design & development – process, architecture, team building...
  • Networking & growing your business – marketing, engagement...
  • Policy, contracts & proposals – procurement, ordinances, legislation...
  • Wealth building and family business – estate planning, titles & escrow, life insurance...
  • Research and engagement strategies – place making, branding, advocacy, data collection...
We're looking for instructors that can teach in the following areas:
What We Offer
We focus on allowing the instructor to be good at presenting material, while we handle everything behind the scenes. Together with our nationwide footprint we are able to scale to a worldwide audience. 
  • Full production
  • Community of supporters
  • Professional network
  • Media kit
What's In It for You ?
Instructors have the ability to gain experience and additional income through royalties and commissions on course sales.

Course sales are split between the following :

  • Overhead & expenses
  • Facilitator royalty or commission
  • Council admin fund
  • Council acquisition fund
  • At least 1 year of experience presenting or public speaking. 
  • At least 2 years of experience in the subject matter being presented. Facilitator must demonstrate a grasp on the information from verifiable practice.
  • Must develop segment in coordination with in house production committee.
  • Format can be live class, webinar, or prerecorded. Note that presenter could be asked to be substituted
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